USA – The Land Of Top Universities

USA is one of the most preferred locations for better research, a number of students dream of pursuing their schooling here. Some of the best universities within the international discover their domestic in US, that is the primary cause why more and more overseas college students flock right here each 12 months for their better research.

These universities of US play a completely vital احسن جامعة فى مصر position in bringing exceptional humans, from distinct components of the sector with distinctive subculture together. It allows them to mingle with each different freely and foster a sense of harmony. This united states of america is the most important information producer in the international.

Top Universities Of US:

1.Harvard University: it’s miles placed at Garden Street Cambridge, it ranks 2nd within the world.

2.Stanford University: this college is situated in Main Quad, Stanford. It ranks number one the various pinnacle universities of US.

3.University of California: this university is located in Berkeley, Carlton. It ranks 1/3.

4.Yale University: this college is located in New Haven. According to the USANews of World Universities it ranks 1/3.

5.University of Texas: this university is located in Austin. It holds the 9th function.

6.University of Michigan: this college is placed at Ann Arbour. It ranks 6th.

7.Cornell University: this university is situated in Ithaca. It ranks 7th.

Eight.University of Washington: it’s far positioned at Seattle WA. It ranks tenth.

Nine.University of Illinois: it’s far situated at West Illinois Street Urbana. It ranks 11th.

10.Columbia University New York: it’s miles placed in Broadway, New York. It ranks 15th.

Eleven.University of Chicago: it’s miles placed in East 59th Street, Chicago. It ranks fourteenth.

12.Dartmouth College: it’s far located in McNutt Hall, Hanover. It ranks eleventh.

Thirteen.Duke University: it is located at Durham. It ranks eighth.

14.Princeton University: it’s miles placed at New Jersey and its ranks primary.

15.Pennsylvania State University: it is placed at Pennsylvania and it ranks 5th.